Marty Lavin -- Software Engineer --

Training Projects for Ruby on Rails

The first tutorial I completed was Agile Web Development with Rails, by Sam Ruby, Dave Thomas and David Heinemeier Hansson. This is a classic and well known tutorial. It is used by DePaul University for their Rails course. Very good, but the one below is better!

The second tutorial is the Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl. This is the best tutorial around. It is highly recommended by everybody and their brother. I love it. Mike uses Rspec testing, git version control and Heroku deployment. This is closer to real world ROR web development. Last but not least, he introduced me to the text editor Sublime text. IMHO the best.

I especially love the default fonts, color scheme and matching parentheses lines. One can use this in free trial testing mode for as long as you want. Unless one gets the reginstration number, reminders will sometimes pop up and ask for a paid registration number. Sublime It is very close to what used to the very popular editor textmate. Sublime uses many textmate shortcuts. The only negative Sublime has is its lack of a printing option. Unbelievable!